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So I have to admit, I’m not really a gin and tonic girl. In fact, I never thought I was a gin girl at all. That was until I realised I wasn’t doing gin right.

Turns out that if you put the tonic aside, and pick up some Martin Miller’s Gin, you can create some really cute cocktails which are perfect for a small girl’s night in or even pre-drinks for a big girl’s night out.

I’m going to share my fave gin cocktail recipe with you, using none other than Martin Miller’s gin, to make your drinks that much more cute and stylish!

Martin Miller’s Raspberry Blush Cocktails

Ingredients (per glass):

– 50ml Martin Miller’s Gin
– 5 raspberries (to serve)
– 15ml Raspberry Cordial
– 75ml lychee juice
– Ice


1. Pour the Martin Miller’s gin, lychee juice and raspberry cordial into a cocktail shaker

2. Shake it all up!

3. Place the ice and raspberries in each glass.

4. Pour the cocktail mixture into the glasses and serve.


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Martin Miller’s gin has a citrus-y taste with juniper notes that compliment the berry flavours of the cocktail. Not only are they super delicious but also very sophisticated.

The most stylish gin cocktails with the least amount of effort! Try it for yourself!

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