There’s no better inspiration than researching your own culture and heritage. I’ve spent the past 6 months looking into Ottoman history and having a closer look at my Turkish Cypriot roots and it’s been such an eye opening task.


Not only does it make me that much more proud of where I come from, but it makes me think of ways to incorporate these influences into my posts and what I wear. My first step is incorporate more prints int my wardrobe, like I have done with this beautiful She Inside jacket. Shop here to get the look.

Along with intricate prints, Ottoman clothing is full of strong colours such as turquoises and deep reds, elaborate jewellery and kaftan-like cuts. I’m looking for more pieces that resonate with this style to add to my outfits.


Finally, I’m looking for more Turkish and Turkish Cypriot designers and brands to collaborate with! So if you are or know a designer, drop me an email at and we can plan some looks!

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