To say that I haven’t written a blog post in a while would be an understatement! But it’s good to be back and blogging again.

Not only am I back, but I’m back with a new hairdo! 

Since I was a teenager, I’ve loved experimenting with my hair. It’s always been a fun form of self expression and I would regularly dye my hair different colours depending on my mood. Eventually, years of colouring took their toll on my hair. In 2016, I made the decision that I would stop dying my hair entirely and I would cut it into a shoulder-length bob in an effort to save my hair from any further damage. 

Thankfully it worked and with every trim, I cut off more dead hair as my new healthy hair grew through. I loved my bob and finally found a style that was very me!

By 2018, I then wanted to see what I’d look like with long hair. I’d never had naturally long dark hair since I was in primary school and I wondered whether it would suit me as an adult. In my mind, I wanted to grow my natural hair as long as possible and channel my inner 70s Cher.

As my hair grew out and eventually reached the middle of my back, I soon realised that in reality as much as I loved my long hair, I rarely wore it out. In fact, I would keep it tied up and out of my face 90% of the time. As my hair is so thick, it would often take over my face and as much as I tried to tame it, it had a mind of it’s own! 

Unsure about what to do; whether to continue growing it or to chop it back down to a manageable length, I put it to my followers and asked whether I should cut my hair again. The majority voted for a bob. A few lovely people also suggested looking into The Little Princess Trust – a charity that makes wigs for little girls and young people who have lost their hair to cancer and other conditions. 

After looking into the charity, my mind was made up. The thought that the same hair that I tied up every day could potentially make the life of a young person out there a little brighter was enough to bring me to a salon and go in for the chop. 

And its one of the best decisions I’ve made this year!

I’m so happy to know that my contribution can make someone’s day a little brighter, and also so happy to have my bob back! 

Find out more about the Little Princess Trust HERE. 


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