Lash Point Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are growing in popularity and since visiting Lash Point, I can see why.

How I look in my blog photos is unfortunately not how I look every day. Most days my hair is scooped up a coconut oil-coated bun and I have very little time to apply makeup in the morning before running out of the door. After hearing that eyelash extensions are the holy grail when it comes to wearing minimal makeup and still looking put together, I decided I needed to give them a try for myself.

Lash Point can be found a stone’s throw away from Gloucester Road Station in South West London. The salon itself is very professional and decorated beautifully to create a very relaxing vibe.

At Lash Point I met with the lash artist  who was very warm and welcoming. Prior to getting my eyelash extensions done, the lash artist spoke with me and asked me questions about how I usually do my makeup and what kind of look I wanted to achieve with my eyelash extensions. The lash artist also considered my face and eye shape to see what would suit me best. I was very comforted by the lash artist’s attention to detail and we both agreed that in the first instance I wanted to achieve a very natural look – similar to what I could usually achieve with 2 coats of mascara.

Before we started with the extensions themselves, I told the lash artist that I was meeting with a friend for coffee an hour and a half later. She said she would have the lashes done in time.

Throughout the appointment itself the lash artist  was absolutely lovely, we had a great chat and I felt like I was in good hands.

When we finished I was super happy with the results! The lash artist achieved exactly the look I wanted and what we agreed on at the beginning of the appointment. Best of all, I was all ready to go in time for my coffee and here I am below after applying some concealer and lipstick in an uber. My Lash Point eyelash extensions helped me look my best with very little effort!

I’m now nearly 3 weeks into having my Lash Point eyelashes and I’ve had very little shedding- my lashes are still going strong! I’ve followed the aftercare as explained by the lash artist and the results are lasting longer than I ever expected.

Thank you Lash Point for my beautiful lashes- you can catch me here every month from now on to get my lash top ups!


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