If, like me, you’re currently searching for last-minute gift ideas for the holidays then you’ll be glad to hear that I’ve found the solution – Scaramanga bags!  As someone who loves bags that are both fashionable and functional, these are practical and high-quality bags that would make the perfect gift for a loved one… or for yourself, if you just want to treat yourself this Christmas!


I love anything with a vintage feel and all Scaramanga bags take inspiration from iconic British vintage leather bags. These little leather accessories are the perfect way to add a retro feel to your looks. All bags are lovingly handmade and are still very much affordable and there are often a wide range of promotional discounts running on the site.


See my top Scaramanga picks for my Winter Gift Guide below!


Gemini Crossbody Bag


This Crossbody Bag is by far the most versatile women’s bag on the site. The Gemini bag is a perfect size to fit all your essentials comfortable and can be worn with absolutely any outfit. Here, I’ve paired it with a fur coat for a very vintage look. You can also wear it with jeans, checks and even cute dresses for a cute 60s feel. A bag like this is completely timeless and can therefore not only be the best gift for anyone of any age, but will also stand the test of time and be stylish in the years to come. Always keep it classic.


Shop the Gemini Crossbody bag here.


Boho Backpack


The Boho Backpack is an essential for all trendy travellers. The buckles are very secure and would make the perfect present for students or just those who love to wander. I’ve worn my backpack with a checked skirt, but it would also look perfect with denim and corduroy for a very relaxed bohemian look.


I’ll definitely be bringing my little Boho backpack with me on my next adventure. Shop the Boho Backpack here.


I love my Scaramanga bags and these are definitely staple pieces which will be getting much wear for years to come. Check out the website now for more Christmas gift ideas.


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