THE H&M Dress


I love the power of blogging.

I saw this dress on one of my favourite bloggers when I was doing one of my billion scrolls through my Instagram feed every day. Instantly I was like “Where. Did. She. Get. That?!”. Suddenly my wardrobe felt that little bit incomplete without a nude mesh floral dress for the Summer. Luckily this absolute babe tagged the outfit and I was surprised to see that it was one of my old high street faves- H&M.

I was a woman with a mission, so I headed out to my local H&M immediately and managed to whip up the last one in my size before it went out of stock and voila! Here we are! What do you guys think of the dress?

Also, who knew H&M did such pretty and detailed pieces? I guess I’ll be popping in there again very soon!

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