MABEL + MEG: My Secret to Good Skin

I often find that a lot of us girls are looking for the perfect makeup product that will make our skin look flawless. It’s a vicious cycle of throwing money at makeup to make your skin look better, clogging your pores, coming up in spots and then buying more products to cover your skin. With billions of products from thousands of companies all claiming to be the new wonder thing that will instantly transform you into a photoshopped version of yourself, it’s hard to know what actually works.

Through much trial and error and now that I’m making my way through my twenties, I’ve finally come to the revelation that has been staring me in the face all along.

The secret to good makeup is very simple- good skin.

Your skin is the foundation you build your layers of makeup on, so in order to have makeup that looks good, you need to have a good base.

I know, I can’t believe it’s taken me that long to work that out either.

I’ve always been very particular with my skincare, and for the past few months I’ve been using the two Mabel + Meg products below which they have transformed my skin and as a consequence, helped my makeup look flawless.

Here I’m going to tell you how you what these two products are, what they do and how to use them in your daily routine!


Silk Slumber Retinol-Peptide Treatment

My mum introduced me to retinol a little while back and was telling me about all the anti-aging benefits of it and how it reduces the appearance of fine lines (more…)

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Just before Christmas I popped into Harley Academy Clinics for a treatment which I shared on my InstaStory.

Finally, here is my blog post to explain what I had done, why I had it done and about my experience with Harley Academy Clinics!


At my consultation I saw Dr Tristan Mehta who was absolutely lovely. He was super friendly from the moment we met and explained all steps of the session including the consultation, the treatment and the aftercare very thoroughly. I was quite nervous before I went in, however speaking to someone who was very experienced quickly settled any butterflies I had.

During my consultation with Dr Mehta, I explained that my main hang up was my smile lines (also known as the “nasolobial folds”) which are the lines from my nose to my mouth. I was always very self-conscious of how deep they were and how they age my face.

Dr Mehta then decided to do what he calls the “magic wand test”. He gave me a mirror to  look at myself and asked (more…)

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I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a fair bit this year and I have definitely caught the travel bug! I love discovering the sights and sounds of new cities and going away doesn’t mean you have to go far, weekend breaks within Europe can be affordable and just as exciting if you plan in advance.

New on my list of my favourite cities in Europe is Rome – my last trip of the year and one of my best!

During our trip to Rome we stayed in Hotel Indigo Rome – St George, which can be found on the quaint cobbled street of Via Giulia.  The location is prime for those who are particularly interested in visiting Vatican City and the Pantheon as both are a mere walking distance away. Although the hotel is in a prime tourist location, it is very cute and quiet as the street is a restricted traffic zone so you can still get some rest when you’re not packing your day full of sightseeing.

Check In

We arrived to the hotel earlier than our check in time and were greeted by the super friendly  and hospitable staff at the front desk who tried their best to ensure the room was ready as soon as possible. They didn’t have to do this but the fact that they did  was a very kind and thoughtful touch. We popped round the corner for a quick bite for breakfast and by the time we returned the room was ready for us.

Check in was very quick and efficient, the staff explained where the room was and the facilities available. In addition we asked about how to purchase tickets for certain tourist attractions such as the Vatican museums and the staff told us that they could arrange all of this for us so we wouldn’t have to deal with the fuss of trying to book several tickets or waiting in endless queues- such a relief when you’re trying to plan an activity-filled trip! The hotel staff at the front desk had an exceptional proficiency of English too.  This is very helpful if, like me, you unfortunately don’t know much Italian aside from the names of some delicious dishes.

We were then told which number our room was and the floor and we took the stairs up as we were in the first floor. We had absolutely no trouble finding the room as the layout (more…)

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