Just before Christmas I popped into Harley Academy Clinics for a treatment which I shared on my InstaStory.

Finally, here is my blog post to explain what I had done, why I had it done and about my experience with Harley Academy Clinics!


At my consultation I saw Dr Tristan Mehta who was absolutely lovely. He was super friendly from the moment we met and explained all steps of the session including the consultation, the treatment and the aftercare very thoroughly. I was quite nervous before I went in, however speaking to someone who was very experienced quickly settled any butterflies I had.

During my consultation with Dr Mehta, I explained that my main hang up was my smile lines (also known as the “nasolobial folds”) which are the lines from my nose to my mouth. I was always very self-conscious of how deep they were and how they age my face.

Dr Mehta then decided to do what he calls the “magic wand test”. He gave me a mirror to  look at myself and asked me what I would do to change myself if he wasn’t really a doctor, but instead had a magic wand. I reeled off a list of a lot of my insecurities and after I was done, Dr Mehta explained that some treatments could be done for some of those insecurities, however a lot of those would not be necessary or would ruin the proportions of my face.  He pretty much told me that some things should not be changed and I should embrace how I look instead of wanting to completely change my face or look like someone else.

It was really refreshing to be told by a professional that my hang-ups are in my own head and are not really physical. I think that’s important, particularly in this field, to instil a sense of self-love into clients instead of promoting insecurity. I was pleasantly surprised, and also delighted to know that this is the approach of the clinic and it made me feel a lot better about how I look.


Dr Mehta said that he could treat my smile lines with a small amount of filler as I didn’t want to have a “puffy” or “fake” look. I told him that I wanted to look as natural, and as like myself as possible. He took the time to examine at my face properly, measured the proportions and angles and made little marks on my face for where he would inject filler. The entire process was pretty quick, I just sat down in the doctor’s chair and he began treating the area- it didn’t take more than about 10 minutes.


One of the most asked questions about any dermal filler treatment is about the pain. I can say that I didn’t feel any pain, but then again, I have a high pain threshold. For me, the pain level was about the same as plucking my eyebrows. Something most of us ladies are used to!

Before, after and since the treatment.

Below you can find pictures before and directly after the treatment.

Before – minimal makeup, no edit, no filter

On my way to the appointment…

photo 18-12-2017, 09 52 57

After – no makeup, no edit, no filter – directly after the treatment

Directly after the treatment and still in the clinic.

I had no bruising or swelling after the treatment, my cheeks were just a  bit rosie for a few hours.

photo 18-12-2017, 11 35 48


I’m so happy with my results! I didn’t want to change my face too drastically, I wanted a natural look and to just elaminate the little hang-up I had. This is exactly what I explained to Dr Mehta and exactly the result he achieved. Most people wouldn’t even notice a change, all you can tell is that I look a little younger, better rested and a bit more refreshed.

Processed with VSCO with fp1 preset

I recommend Harley Academy Clinics highly to anyone considering dermal fillers! They are professional, friendly and really take care of their clients’ needs. I will definitely go back in future!

Thank you Dr Tristan Mehta and thank you Harley Academy – I couldn’t be happier.

Harley Academy Clinics are based in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Stockton-on-Tees.

TELEPHONE: 020 3884 3246

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